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JUNE 30, 2014: The Supreme Court delivers another blow to women’s reproductive health!


25 years ago on July 3, 1989, the Supreme Court’s ruling in Webster v. Reproductive Health Services (a/k/a Webster v. Missouri) inflicted the first chink in the protective armor that Roe v. Wade (1973) had provided for women when making their own decisions about whether or not to have an abortion.

After years of Supreme Court rulings striking down state restrictions on abortion, the constitutional tide turned in favor of state regulation of abortion with the Webster decision. It opened the door for states to begin enacting stricter abortion regulations.

That ruling—handed down 25 years ago on July 3, 1989–inspired me to write the book, Moral Infidelity.

Moral Infidelity is a story about Florida Pro-Life Governor Michael Romano, who, as a direct result of the Court’s ruling, feels compelled to coax his Legislature to enact stricter abortion legislation.

But when his extramarital affair results in an unintended pregnancy, Romano is faced with the prospect of losing all that defines his life—a brilliant marriage, a successful political career, and enormous wealth.

The choices he must make will test the strength of his moral fiber to its limits…But will his choices lead to his salvation, or his ruin?

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More on Webster v. Reproductive Health Services:

The court upheld a Missouri state ban on the use of public employees and facilities for performing abortions, effectively reversing course and demonstrating that Roe wasn’t necessarily settled law that confined future revisions.

The 5-to-4 vote found that Missouri law was in keeping with past rulings which held that the “state need not commit any resources to facilitating abortions.” Three of those in the court’s majority—Rehnquist, White and Kennedy—recommended revisiting the Roe decision, while Justice Scalia even suggested that the court overturn Roe. Speaking for the minority, Justice Blackmun wrote that the ruling made clear that “a chill wind blows” for those who support Roe.

President George H. W. Bush hailed the Supreme Court decision on abortion as a move “to restore to the people the ability to protect the unborn” but said he still believed that the 1973 ruling legalizing abortion “should be reversed.”

It was a banner day for those who would want to see Roe v. Wade stricken from the law books forever.

Since that SCOTUS ruling on July 3, 1989, we have endured decades of escalating state legislation that is chipping away at the protections Roe provided for women in making reproductive health choices.

Relentless and draconian lawmaking by conservative male-dominated state Legislatures has severely undermined Roe, with the intent of making it more and more difficult for a woman to exercise her right to a safe and legal medical procedure.

Moral Infidelity explores the issue of choice and hypocrisy when a man is faced with an unintended pregnancy threatens to negatively transform the course of his life.

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