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MORAL INFIDELITY is a first-rate, suspenseful book! Unbelievable that this is Rebecca Warner’s first book. In my advanced age I tend to fall asleep when I read…but MORAL INFIDELITY kept me awake and very interested in all the plot twists and turns.”

“This book had me hooked from page 1. The author knows just how to keep your attention.  I loved every aspect of this MUST READ!” Jennifer Theriot, Best Selling Amazon Author.

“Moral Infidelity was a fantastic read! The characters are well-developed, the plot is full of surprises, and the narrative keeps you turning page after page.”

“This has been one of the best books of mystery I have ever read, the author has a unique way of storytelling.”

“Almost against my snobby literary non-fiction taste I was drawn into the engaging plot lines, well-drawn characters, steamy setting and, well, the delicious tension the author builds. It’s fun, and the pay-offs keep coming as the story unfolds to its necessary end.”  Jay Leutze, Award-Winning Author of Stand Up That Mountain (Simon & Schuster) 

“This is a well written book with a political and moral spin that will keep you wondering your stance on the matter. I can’t believe this is her first book?! I am thrilled to learn she has another.”

“Couldn’t put it down. This writer did her homework in all the arenas that cleverly packaged this smart, sexy novel.”

“Anyone wanting to read a well-written novel with well-developed and believable characters should read Moral Infidelity. Rebecca Warner’s novel is fast-paced, entertaining and with enough drama (mixing the political and family relationships sprinkled with crime and cover-ups), to keep any reader engrossed.”

Rebecca Warner’s educational and professional background was in finance and banking in Miami, Florida. After she and her husband moved to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, Rebecca began writing articles for several local periodicals. Drawing upon her many years of advising the lovelorn and successful matchmaking, she also wrote a romance-and-relationship advice column. In 2014, she published her first book, Moral Infidelity, which won the Bronze Medal in the Readers’ Favorite 2015 International Book Awards’ thriller category, and Top 10 Honorable Mention in the 2015 Great Southeast Book Festival. Her second novel, Doubling Back To Love, was solicited for inclusion in a ten-novel romantic anthology, and her third book, He’s Just A Man, is a non-fiction self-help book for women seeking a mate. Rebecca is a convivial feminist who blogs on her own sites and for The Huffington Post about topics of interest to women. She enjoys participating in podcasts and forums about women’s social, economic and political issues. Please visit her website at www.rebeccajwarner.com to learn more about her books, catch up on her blogs--including those published on Huff Post--and to hear her podcasts.