Friendships That Don’t Survive Politics

UncategorizedJuly 15, 2017 • 7~12 min read

Hundreds of hours of enjoyable phone conversations, decades of sharing confidences and seeing each other through tough times, years of giving and receiving special notes and birthday cards, frequent visits and vacations that fostered closeness…these are the foundation for friendships that last a lifetime, right? I certainly thought so, until 2016 became about Hillary vs […]

How Low Can They Go?

UncategorizedJune 25, 2017 • 6~10 min read

It’s disturbing that with every stroke of his pen, Trump is pulling another plank from the platform that upholds the lower-and-middle classes of this country. From hobbling workers’ rights to decimating healthcare, his and the Republican’s policies are making it tougher for people to live with dignity and be fairly paid for their hard work. […]

Scarlet Letter of Shame: “A” for Abortion

UncategorizedFebruary 24, 2017 • 6~10 min read

Empowered by the election of anti-abortion president-elect Donald Trump, states are pushing restrictive abortion legislation that is so ruthless, it’s beginning to take on the tenor of an angry mob with pitchforks. Besides Ohio’s fetal-heartbeat legislation that would have made an abortion illegal after a heartbeat was detected (approximately six weeks) with no exception for […]

Busting the Myth of “For Women’s Safety”

UncategorizedAugust 16, 2016 • 4~6 min read

  Republicans claim falsely that abortion is a dangerous medical procedure for women. But the following facts presented by David A. Grimes, Author, Every Third Woman in America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation and former Chief of the Abortion Surveillance Branch at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) tell the true story: “Because of difficulty in […]

Do Book Awards Matter?

UncategorizedDecember 2, 2015 • 5~8 min read

There was a debate raging on LinkedIn recently, when someone asked the question, “What value do you put on authors when they describe themselves as ‘Award Winners?’” Responses ranged from vitriolic to meh to upbeat–the last provided by award-winning authors, for the most part. I don’t describe myself anywhere as “an award-winning author.” I do […]

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