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Rebecca Warner

Quality of life is not possible without the freedom of choice. This is what I believe, and this was the impetus for writing MORAL INFIDELITY.

This is not a typical “About the Author” rendering, I’ll grant you. But since I’m not confined to book- jacket space, I wanted to share a bit about the empowering life I have led, both as a single and married woman, which laid the groundwork for Moral Infidelity.

I have, since my teenage years, embraced the tenets of feminism: Advocating women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

My education and background are in finance and banking, and I entered into that profession after graduating from college in 1975. Women were just beginning to infiltrate the management ranks and were given more opportunities to prove their worth in a male-dominated industry.

It was a period when women were able to explore their sexuality without fear or condemnation, thanks to the women’s movement, which gave single women access to birth control. Did you know that until 1972, it was illegal for unmarried women to be prescribed birth control pills?

And then on January 23, 1973, the Supreme Court  ruled 7–2, in Roe v. Wade, that a right to privacy under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman’s decision about whether or not to have an abortion.

This did not mean that women started using abortion as a method of birth control! It just became an important option in women’s decision-making about their reproductive choices.

And following those liberating Supreme Court rulings came what was termed “the sexual revolution.” Women did not have to get married to have sex. They were free to enjoy safe sex, using birth control, without fear of getting pregnant. This meant that women could concentrate on careers that wouldn’t be derailed by an unintended pregnancy. This led to significantly greater independence for women.

Sexual freedom gave women power over their own lives. Women were no longer seen as the “property” of a man through marriage. (Think Mad Men.) Women could delay marriage and child bearing and pursue a career.

It was a wonderful time for me to be a single woman in her 20s. I lived in Miami, Florida, and had a fun and exciting single life and a financially rewarding career, with no need for a man to make my life better. It was already great! When I met my wonderful husband, I wanted to marry him; I did not need to marry him.

That is the kind of lifestyle many women like me enjoyed, because we had the freedom to establish a whole new base of power during that time…and we made the most of it!

But over the past 20 years, there has been a steady and serious assault on this power that women fought so hard to attain. I have become increasingly alarmed at the escalating assault, largely by male politicians, on a woman’s rights–especially the right to make decisions about her own body and reproductive health.

I want to see male politicians get past their obsession with women’s reproductive rights. Instead, I want them to focus on those babies that are born, and address their fundamental needs for a safe and nurturing environment.

I wish for the next generation of women to feel as empowered as my generation did. I want them to feel confident about the choices they make; but more than that, I want choice always to be available to them.

And Moral Infidelity boldly explores the issue of choice in different and thought-provoking contexts.

My second book, published in October, 2014, Doubling Back To Love, follows the adventures of Lexi Avery, who thinks like a man, but is all woman, in her quest for the ideal love. Lexi asks, “Why does it have to come down to choosing just one man, when no one man can give me everything I want?” Why indeed?

I have written numerous newspaper articles covering social and political events in my area. I also wrote a romance advice column for a local newspaper for three years, and that–along with my own extensive experience and 30-years of giving advice to women–gave me fodder for my latest book, HE’S JUST A MAN: Book 1, Making the Most of Your Womanly Power. 

Yes, I’m all about gender-equality and empowering women! I hope my writing makes a difference in attitudes and opinions in that regard.  More than that, I cannot ask for.



April 17, 2014 • 11:28 pm